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Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Quickie (no sex jokes please)

I believe that at least half of all Americans are knowingly or unknowingly exposed to right wing propaganda on a daily basis. Even my poor 77-year old Mother is now receiving angry right wing emails from a fellow member of my Father's Senior Activities Club. Fortunately, I'm around to debunk the misinformation included. Until this state of affairs is changed, this country will continue to get dumber and dumber on the facts and our democracy will never reflect the true values of our people.

If, as Thomas Jefferson said, "information is the currency of democracy", then right wing propaganda is the cholesterol slowly but surely killing it. Turn off FOX News, click off Limbaugh, put down the NY Post or Wall Street Journal and start researching the issues for yourself! Then you and I can start having a reality based conversation on what's best for America's future. Until then, you're just wallowing in an alternate reality of stupid.

Paul Roth, Jr.


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