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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Yet another good letter which the North Jersey Media Group has ignored

Garrett Must Go

Regarding Mr. Fallon’s Sept. 10th article on Scott Garrett http://; Congressman Garrett is one of the most radical right-wingers in the US Congress. Garrett is only a fiscal conservative when it comes to matters of human need, as you rightly pointed out. When it comes to war spending and tax cuts for the super wealthy he is as liberal as the day is long. He has approved over One Trillion Dollars in deficit spending in just three years.

He is part of a far right-wing ideological movement in this country which, while winning elections, has proven itself incapable of running our government in either foreign or domestic matters. When ideology matters more than results, America is heading in the wrong direction.

Garrett is a darling of the radical right-wing Christian crazies such as Robertson, Falwell and Schlaffly. He receives large contributions from Schlaffly’s Eagle Forum, the ultra-conservative “Club for Growth” and various militant anti-abortion groups. When Louisiana Congressman Richard Baker recently commented on the devastation of Hurricane Katrina by saying, “We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn’t do it, but God did”, believe that he was echoing Garrett’s feelings on an issue like public housing. Garrett, though, is too savvy to say that kind of thing out loud. He also sports the worst environmental voting record of any politician in American history!

Whether in the Republican primary or in next November’s Mid-Term Election, we’ll have the opportunity to rid ourselves of Garrett’s radical brand of representation and replace him with a moderate who shares our values and our desire for results, not hard line ideology.

Paul Roth, Jr.
River Edge, NJ